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Fuel for Strategy and Investment — C2 Global members enjoy access to custom built datastreams, research and actionable insights into the world's fastest growing consumer market: China.

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C2 Global Provides Private Access to Decades of Hard-Won Experience in Retail, Technology and Commerce

Coresight and CLA (China Luxury Advisors) have joined forces to disrupt the China advisory industry. C2 Global's new membership service leverages decades of experience in technology, China strategy and retail, bringing actionable insights to brands, retailers, investors, technology providers and service providers as they navigate the China market. 

Our Offering

C2 Global is a members-only platform that drives better decisions with real time intelligence and big picture analysis — including proprietary data streams, reports, case studies and interviews with key players and domain experts. 

And when particularly complex challenges arise, C2 Global's unrivaled custom research and advisory services are ready to dig even deeper.

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C2 Global conducts ongoing primary research into China's consumer sector, including luxury, fashion, beauty, CPG, retail and technology. 

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Assess your China business strategy and ROI, plan your market entry or conduct due diligence via C2 Global's bespoke advisory services.

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C2 regularly hosts events to bring together seasoned experts and thought leaders in China's consumer sector. 

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Whether its influencer interviews, e-commerce operators, retailers or practitioners, C2 Global provides real-time insights, case studies and examples.


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CPG SECTOR: China's Food & Beverage Industry Post COVID-19

C2 Global conducted a survey of 1,135 respondents in Mainland China in September 2020 in order to gain insights into how COVID has changed consumers’ attitudes towards making food and beverage choices.


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